Dafne otoñal (Autumnal Daphne)

Dafne fue perseguida por Apolo, a quien Eros (en venganza porque Apolo se había burlado de sus habilidades como arquero) había disparado una flecha dorada para que se enamorase de ella. Dafne huyó de Apolo porque Eros le había disparado a su vez una flecha con punta de plomo, que provocaba desprecio y desdén. Durante la persecución, Dafne imploró ayuda al dios del río (padre de Dafne),quien la transformó en árbol.

Apollo was a great archer, but  he teased young Eros, putting down his abilities as an archer. Eros shot two arrows, one tipped in gold, and one tipped with lead. The arrow dipped in gold had the power to create insatiable lust in a person, while the other created absolute abhorrence towards all things romantic and passionate. The arrow dipped in gold struck Apollo and the arrow dipped in lead struck fair Daphne.
Apollo chased down the maiden, desperate for her love, but she wanted nothing to do with him, and she ran from him endlessly. Soon, she grew weary in her running and that Apollo would ultimately catch her. Fearful, she called out to her father (river god) for help, he transformed his daughter into a tree.